Classes and Events: Vancouver, British Columbia

Sant Mat is a universal spiritual practice that is simple, natural, and taught freely. Each of these events will focus on different aspects of the theory and technique needed to achieve spiritual progress. They will include a one hour talk followed with opportunity for questions and informal discussion. Light refreshments are usually served.

All programs are free of charge and open to the public; information about Sant Mat is given by authorized initiates of Sant Baljit Singh.

Tuesdays 19:00, Saturdays 10:00 and Sundays 10:00Introduction to Sant Mat and inner Light and Sound MeditationKTSF City Center Vancouver 258 Sixth Street, New Westminster

Meditation Groups: Vancouver, British Columbia

Meditation groups provide new meditators a wonderful opportunity to meditate along with others who have already found the benefits of the meditation and to find community in its practice. The meditation groups meet for two hours, where one hour is dedicated to the theoretical aspects of Sant Mat through readings or a video lecture by the Master. The other hour is dedicated to the practice of Sant Mat, the meditation on inner light and sound.

Attendance at Meditation groups is free of charge and all are invited. In order to participate during the hour of meditation, we ask that you first be formally instructed in this Sant Mat practice.

Tuesday 19:00, Saturday 10:00, Sunday 10:00KTSF City Center Vancouver 258 Sixth Street, New Westminster

Spiritual Representatives: Canada

The spiritual representatives of Sant Baljit Singh are available to answer any questions. These representatives act as official contacts for information about Sant Mat and Sant Baljit Singh in their respective area.

National Representative Western Canada

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Sant Baljit Singh

Sant Baljit Singh

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What is Sant Mat?

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"Step into the wide-open cosmos and start a new way of life. Lose yourself in the love of God And become enchanted with him. There is only one purpose in life. Once you absorb yourself in his love you will have no reason to leave his lap. The truth is within, not outside."
— Sant Baljit Singh

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